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In the aluminum and SMS, ABB high-level talks
October 25 morning, in the Southwest Aluminum Cold Rolling Aluminum host the signing ceremony before the start of the project, China Aluminum Corporation and SMS and a high-level talks with ABB companies.
    Aluminum Corporation of China headquarters in the VIP reception, the aluminum company''''s party secretary, general manager, China Aluminum Corporation chairman and chief executive officer, met with SMS Xiao Qing, chairman, president and senior executive Kaimailande Vice President, Pu Er Jing, ABB''''s vice president of sales manager for Sa Sa Hewei and cold rolled edge Bailey. Celebrate the fruitful cooperation between the two sides - China''''s first aluminum cold-rolling production line of the host building is to the signing and topics of common concern had a friendly conversation.
    Accompanied at the meeting were, the aluminum company''''s vice president of SUN Zhao-Xue, Ding Haiyan, vice president of Chalco shares. Southwest Aluminum Aluminum business leaders Zhaoshi Qing, Li Fengyi, China Aluminum Co., Ltd. General Director Song to cases in international trade market, trade, director of Dong-Guang Li aluminum present at the meeting.
    Xiao Qing to Kaimailande and Sahe Wei and his party presented an overview of Aluminum Corporation of China and the development objectives described in the aluminum companies and their affiliated enterprises - SWA in recent years, rapid development and increasingly broad market prospects, introduced in the aluminum companies to develop the determination and decisions aluminum cold rolling production line project and the construction of the mind in the SWA, as well as in many enterprises in the final selection of bidders and the ABB company originally SMS. Xiao Qing in the talks said, hoping in five years or even longer Alcoa in the development of faster and better, your side can give a strong technical and software support. Welcome to your company''''s senior leadership have the opportunity to the Aluminum Company-owned enterprises to inspect, and actively participate in market competition with our efforts to seek more business cooperation opportunities. Baituo your company will put Southwest Aluminum Cold Rolling of Aluminum core project in the project - to fight the cold rolling two-rack equipment caused by fine, long-term strategic cooperation between the two sides to lay a solid foundation.
    During the talks, Kaimailande, referring to the aluminum company''''s good and deep impression, when it comes with the aluminum company''''s ongoing negotiations on cooperation in other enterprises. Kaimailande that the company ranked third in the world aluminum company has established cooperative relations are very important and proud to mention that the company with its very good partner - ABB Inc., together with your company''''s Southwest Aluminum Company has a 15-year history of cooperation. Kaimailande want to not only establish buyer-seller relationship between the two sides, but also to establish strategic cooperative relations. He said that the SMS will conscientiously fulfill the contract, delivery schedule to ensure that your company design and delivery of the world''''s best aluminum cold rolling two-rack equipment believe the aluminum Southwest Aluminum Cold Rolling Production Line, will be is the world''''s best competitors unrivaled.
    Both sides analyzed the current international market situation and the needs and the potential for further cooperation, in-depth study of the long-term cooperation and effective ways and means, and to the Al-related businesses owned cold-rolled aluminum single rack, dual rack cold rolling project science-building in technical communication. (Shanghai Nonferrous Metals net)


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