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Alcan to negotiate to improve China's investment in Qingtongxia

Toronto, November 6 news: the world''''''''s second-largest aluminum producer Alcan Inc. (Alcan Inc.) Are negotiating an increase in China''''''''s second-largest aluminum producer, state-owned Qingtongxia Aluminum

Industry Group (Qingtongxia Aluminium Group) of investment to cope with the growing demand for aluminum. Alcan Primary Metal Group CEO Carol (Cynthia

Carroll) Ms. Alcan hopes to right Qingtongxia Aluminum Group''''''''s investment to gain greater market share, and am quite satisfied with the progress made. Alcan Greece

Hope to increase market share in China, while China''''''''s aluminum demand is expected to double by 2015. Alcan, through joint ventures held by Qingtongxia Aluminum Group''''''''s third production line 50%

Shares. Glencore International, Inc. (Glencore International AG) 8 signed an agreement Qingtongxia Aluminum Group acquired shares. Carroll 3 in Beijing for mining

Interviewed said that Alcan will continue to seek other opportunities in China''''''''s aluminum demand is the highest in a metal. Alcan in 2004 in Ningxia Qingtongxia Aluminum Group formed a joint venture with the Enterprise

Industry, the joint venture includes an annual output of 150,000 tons aluminum smelter, or on the 3rd production line, as well as a coal-fired power plant.

Director of Alcan primary aluminum in Asia, Ms. James Zhao said Alcan is still on the 6th on the 4th of investment options for aluminum production line very interested in the production line was built in 2005, the annual

Capacity of 250,000 tons. Alcan''''''''s Beijing office officials Merlin Wang 8 Yue 10 Glencore International said yesterday it has signed a preliminary agreement to buy stake in Qingtongxia Aluminum Group

. James Zhao said the message did not Alcan and Qingtongxia Aluminum Group, a joint venture affect Alcan right Glencore International and Qingtongxia details of the agreement a

None known. Carroll said that the Chinese aluminum demand and supply will be in balance within a few years, demand for the next few years will maintain a similar growth rates. China''''''''s aluminum demand growth in 2005 to 10%

On. (Shanghai Nonferrous Metals net)


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